This is not only our motto, but we are literally seeking perfection. Hereby the symmetry often plays a big role. Mr. Siller himself and all team is constantly researching the market for new materials, design ideas and other possibilities to provide a wider range of choices for designers and also better quality for our customers. Through decades we have gained trust of our customers and we are proud of our ability to provide exclusive staircase designs to your home.


We always appreciate possibility to join the project in early planning stages to work with devoted architects and designers together looking for the ultimate design. We can advice on the required construction of the house to prepare it for any type of staircase. After our technicians work out the layout of the staircase, design team is always happy to provide photo-realistic 3D renders before the production to make sure that customer gets exactly what he wants. Feasibility study is a preference especially for one-of-a-kind projects. Our goal is to do everything that‘s in our hands to provide both – quality of product and the service so you wouldn‘t need to worry about anything during the process of building your dream staircase.


Siller team is constantly testing new materials and suppliers available in the worldwide market and only when we make ourselves sure that material is sufficient for a high-end interior, we can offer it to our customers. We are one of the first in the market using plaster metal, plaster concrete, acrylicCorian and other materials for stairs without mentioning usual like steel or wood. Merano – a town in Italian alps, where the company was founded and our headquarters are based, is famous for glass. As our company was founded in 1958 we have been there for quite a while so during years Siller Stairs have worked with many different partners to select the best of the best. We keep close to each of our partner, not only taking care of production under our roof but also advising them so we could always be in time and in perfect shape of product.


The same as for production, the installation requires precision work and accuracy. Working with almost 0 tolerance requires also a calm hand and patience. This is why our specialist are using most recent equipment like lasers for measuring, cranes for lifting stair parts and lots of experience of course. We always handle the installation with care and no rush and leave only when the job is completed and the customer is happy with the result.